Aesthetics and performance have never been so fascinating… With high efficiency reflectors, SPS meets your lighting needs with a range of glass alternatives that will be a special part of your décor.SPS model fixtures provide flat and facet reflector choices. 


Body: Made of 1.6 mm thick aluminum and painted with min. 80 micron texture paint. 


Reflector: Manufactured with 1mm thick high pure (99.9%) aluminum. For high luminous efficiency, coated with anodic vacuum treated high pure aluminum. They have Cat -2 light distribution

Catalogue Pages

Code Lamp Protection Class Weight (gr)
SPS 118/D1x18W Dulux DIP201.700 gr
SPS 126/D1x26W Dulux DIP201.700 gr
SPS 218/D2x18W Dulux DIP201.700 gr
SPS 226/D2x26W Dulux DIP201.700 gr