Teknomax luminaires are designed for operating without any problems in industrial locations where luminaire bodies are exposed to harsh environment conditions. The luminous efficiency of the luminaires has been reached to extremely high levels. The luminaire efficiency comes from combining the optic design with the newest generation LEDs in the most appropriate way. Narrow and wide angle types of luminaires can be produced according to ceiling heights. Luminaires can be installed in any way using busbar, cable tanks and free hangers. 


Body: Aluminum injection


Diffuser: Impact resistance tempered glass with serigraphy printed.



Light Data

Catalogue Pages

Code Led Luminous Flux (lm) System Power (W) Protection Class Weight (gr)
HCL-YT 56/DHigh Efficient Mid-Power LED9.28956IP6613.000
HCL-YT 62/DHigh Efficient Mid-Power LED10.36262IP6613.000
HCL-YT 76/DHigh Efficient Mid-Power LED12.69376IP6613.000
HCL-YT 79/DHigh Efficient Mid-Power LED12.97479IP6613.000
HCL-YT 83/DHigh Efficient Mid-Power LED13.37683IP6613.000
HCL-YT 88/DHigh Efficient Mid-Power LED14.03088IP6613.000
HCL-YT 98/DHigh Efficient Mid-Power LED15.63298IP6613.000
HCL-YT 132/DHigh Efficient Mid-Power LED20.643132IP6613.000
HCL-YT 83/GHigh efficient Mid-Power LED13.55683IP6613.000
HCL-YT 88/GHigh efficient Mid-Power LED14.08588IP6613.000
HCL-YT 132/GHigh efficient Mid-Power LED20.770132IP6613.000