• Bosfor Restaurant - TURYOL
    Bosfor Restaurant  - TURYOL
  • Dentalprof by Ortodontist
    Dentalprof by Ortodontist
  • Bursa Bridge Lighting Projects

    The decorative iron railings of Hacivat, Deliçay and Baliklidere Bridges have been lighted by Litpa LED wallwasher fixtures.

    Bursa Bridge Lighting Projects
  • Carrefour AVM Retrofit Projects

    Classical Lighting system of Carrefour AVM has been retrofitted to LED system.

    Carrefour AVM Retrofit Projects
  • Interior Lighting Retrofit Projects

    Bursa Carrefour Mall
    Interior and exterior Lighting fixtures have been retrofitted to LED system.

    Interior Lighting Retrofit Projects
  • Seluz Chemistry

    Indirect Lighting Applications

    Seluz Chemistry
  • Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank

    Special Applications

    Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank
  • Radore Data Center

    Led Lighting

    Radore Data Center