LCS; In linear applications, it provides unmatched ease of use and comfort. The luminaires are mounted on the busbar channel (TRL) and are designed to be integrated with this channel. Especially, the fittings produced for retail areas are also suitable for use in areas with high ceilings. Different types of light distributions can be obtained thanks to the lens types, which also provides flexibility and wide application areas in project design.


Body: Aluminum extrusion


Diffuser: Ledil Lens


Cooler: Cooling from the body surface


Catalogue Pages

Kod Led Işık Akısı (lm) Sistem Gücü (W) Koruma Sınıfı
LCS/F 120High efficiency Midpower LEDs4.60034IP20
LCS/F 150High efficiency Midpower LEDs5.80043IP20
LCS/F 180High efficiency Midpower LEDs7.00052IP20