DFH (Direct / Indirect)

DFH fixtures which can be used as pendant and give direct and indirect light at the same time are produced in 60mm and 80mm widths. They can be manufactured in one piece up to approximately 2.5 meters lenght in linear applications. They can be attached end to end and be used as a continuous light source. Height of the pendant can be easily adjusted thanks to spring mounting parts.


Body: Aluminum extrusion body and painted with electrostatic powder paint


Diffuser: 2,8 mm thick prismatic 


Colour: White or Grey 

Catalogue Pages

Code Led Luminous Flux (lm) System Power (W) Protection Class Weight (gr)
DFH 60/100High Efficient Mid-Power LED2.80030IP20
DFH 60/120High Efficient Mid-Power LED3.36036IP20
DFH 60/150High Efficient Mid-Power LED4.20045IP20
DFH 80/100High Efficient Mid-Power LED2.80030IP20
DFH 80/120High Efficient Mid-Power LED3.36036IP20
DFH 80/150High Efficient Mid-Power LED4.20045IP20